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marty connell

Agricultural and Financial Management, Inc.

Professional Experience – Martin R. Connell – C.A.C., Bval, D.V.M., President

Licensed Broker in Montana USA

Glasgow Veterinary Clinic, 1965-1984, Owner Glasgow, MT
The Glasgow Veterinary Clinic was expanded into one of the largest, most modern clinics in the Northwest prior to its sale.

Glasgow Veterinary Supply, Glasgow, MT
1966, founded the wholesale veterinary and livestock supplies company. The business grew to $2.5 million in sales with five locations in Montana and one in Oklahoma. The company sold in 1983.

Leachman Cattle Company Billings, MT
1983, named general manager after 11 years of doing their veterinary work. Resigned in 1985 to found agricultural and financial management consulting business. Total management responsibility for extensive ranch and cattle marketing organization. Responsibilities included: budgeting, financial management, lease negotiations with Indian land owners, purchasing, contracts; also personally handled sale and delivery of more than 1,200 animals.

Cirmot Industries, Inc. Billings, MT 
1995-1996, President. Large machine, welding, electrical & chrome company.


Marty Connell Agricultural & Financial Management, Inc., Billings, MT
1985, established a full-time consulting firm that presently serves clients throughout broad-scope agricultural and financial management assignments.

Marty Connell Photography, Billings, MT
1998, established Photography as a formal business. Photography and photo manipulation were a growing element within Marty’s other businesses. With the advent of quality digital cameras, these highly desirable services evolved into separate business – aerial and commercial photography.

Yellowstone Venturers, Inc., Billings, MT
1986, formed a sale management/real estate sales company for the benefit of clients. The company conducts both going-out-of-business sales and auctions with special emphasis on sale management to maximize net returns using innovative marketing techniques.

Oil Investment, LLC., Billings, MT
2002. Investment holding company, Treasurer.



Buying and selling government surplus, farm equipment, veterinary medical supplies and Real Property.


Experience includes:

Economic and financial analysis of business enterprises.
Development and execution of financial workout plans.
Negotiations on behalf of clients representing financial institutions and government agencies.
Physical takeovers of business enterprise management.
Liquidation of business enterprises for both debtor and creditor.
Appraisal of business enterprises, machinery and equipment, livestock.
Procurement of business enterprises.
Lobbying on state and federal level.
Involvement in real estate sales of over 7 million dollars.
Digital and film photography and digital manipulation of photographic images.

In the area of business enterprises: have dealt with agricultural operations such as farms, ranches, and feedlots. Commercial experience includes involvement with computer retailing, real estate developments, retailers and wholesalers, implement dealers, machinery companies, oil industry related business, professional businesses, and banks.

Additional Qualifications:

Private Trusts (10)

Court Appointed: 

Receiver by Judge Todd G. Baugh, State District Court, Montana 13th Judicial Court, Yellowstone County, Fox v. Tolliver, et al, Case No. DV881866, March 1, 1990.

Asset Manager by Judge Jack Peterson, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Montana, Glasgow Livestock Sales Co., Inc., Case No. 92-11152-11, December 15, 1992.

Receiver by Judge Kenneth Wilson, Montana Sixteenth Judicial District Court, Custer County, Clark v. Clark, Case No. DR 91-20323, August 19, 1993.

Co-Personal Representative with Retired Judge Russell K. Fillner, Montana Fourteenth Judicial District, Musselshell County, In the Matter of the Estate of Robert F. Downs, Deceased, Probate No. DP 95-35, December 8, 1995.

Receiver by Judge G. Todd Baugh, Montana Thirteenth Judicial District Court, Carbon County, Schwend v. Schwend, et al., Cause No. DV 92-46, December 23, 1996.

Receiver by Judge Susan P. Watters, Montana Thirteenth Judicial District Court, Yellowstone County, Precision Theatrical Effects, Inc. vs. Cheryl Eileen Nickel and Chris Ringer, et al. Cause Nos. DV 00-0946 and DR 00-408, March 15, 2001.

Personal Representative by Judge David W. Nelson, McKenzie County, State of North Dakota, In the matter of the Estate of Alex Gullickson, aka Alex G. Gullickson, Deceased, Probate No. 27-05-P-10, February 8, 2005.

Special Administrator by Judge Brad Newman, Silver Bow County, State of Montana, In the Matter of the Estate of Thomas S. Souther, Deceased, Probate No. DP-09-34, July 7, 2009

Receiver by Judge Susan P. Watters, Montana Thirteenth Judicial District Court, Yellowstone County, Lana Vlahakis and Brenda Hyde vs. Brenda Burkhartsmeier, Cause No. DV 07-0623.

Special Administrator by Judge L. Mark Riddoch, Magistrate of the District Court, County of Bonneville, State of Idaho, In the Matter of the Estate of Thomas S. Souther, Deceased, Case No. CV-2009-2510.

Employed Bankruptcy Panel Trustees: 
Corbin Howard, Esq., Andy Patten, Esq., Craig Martinson, Esq., Joe Womack, Esq. and Greg A. Luinstra, Esq., Darcy Crum, Esq., to Manage and Liquidate Businesses & Assets Acquired by Trustees.

Qualified as an Expert:

State District Court, Adams County, Colorado.
State District Court, LaPlata County, Colorado.
State District Court, Montana 13th Judicial District, Carbon County.
State District Court, Montana 18th Judicial District, Gallatin County.
State District Court, Montana 5th Judicial District, Madison County.
State District Court, Montana 14th Judicial District, Musselshell County.
State District Court, Montana 17th Judicial District, Valley County.
State District Court, Montana 13th Judicial District, Yellowstone County.
U. S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Montana.
U. S. District Court, District of Montana.
Board of Environmental Review, Department of Environmental Quality, State of Montana 3/26/01.

Marty Connell Agricultural and Financial Management, Inc.  •  49 N 15th Street, Ste 2  •  Billings, MT 59101, USA

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