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Marty Connell

He started his own printing company in Kansas City while he was still in high school. 


For 19 years following his graduation from Veterinary School, he owned and operated a large mixed veterinary practice in Northeastern Montana as well as a veterinary drug supply company that served seven states.  

Then, in 1985, Dr. Connell founded Marty Connell Agricultural and Financial Management, Inc.  Having negotiated the sale of his supply business and worked himself out of a feedlot operation after the market disaster of 1980,


Marty discovered his talent for negotiating workout and turn-around arrangements with financial institutions that had over-exposed themselves in the agricultural arena in Eastern Montana.  This launched a journey that developed into a wide range of business ventures. 

Marty’s firm handles trusts by operating as trustee for individuals, farms, and corporations. This arm of his business assists in development of estate plans, management for farm and ranch operations, business brokerage, or the liquidation of assets.


Marty is also well respected as an expert witness and is accredited in Business Valuation and equipment appraisal. He also negotiates compromises with the IRS on behalf of clients.  His firm is hired by banks, The Small Business Administration, and the Bankruptcy Courts for the liquidation of companies, for settlements, and receiverships.


His staff of talented people handles the day-to-day operations of the businesses.  Throughout the years they have worked with over 30 law firms in several states, 15 banks and financial institutions, 12 accounting firms, and a number of personal financiers.  


Marty is also an experienced developer of distressed Real Estate.

Marty Connell Agricultural and Financial Management, Inc.  •  49 N 15th Street, Ste 2  •  Billings, MT 59101, USA

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